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Red Mulch

This mulch is a by-product of the lumber industry. It is not from recycling of pallets, decks or other waste streams but a natural wood product. This way you know you are getting a recycled product that is then colored for looks. It creates a distinct look that contrasts with the lawn and plants.  

Our red colored mulch is a double ground product to avoid large chunks and form a consistent texture. There have been some studies that show red plastic mulch can help the growth of some varieties of vegetable plants but in this case it is mainly a question of taste and what the person likes in how a mulched landscape bed looks. This product does the same as all other mulches in helping to control weeds in the garden or landscape beds that are mulched. 

Red Colored mulch is one of the options we offer, for a different look check our Eco-mulch, which has a dark brown to black color and has been weathered to produce the color it has. For other details or questions on our red mulch call the Mulch Guy at 203-677-3400 we also deliver the product in the central part of Connecticut.

Red_Mulch_Stockpile This should give you some idea of the color though it was taken on a cloudy day







Red mulch pile close up



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Rooted in royalty, organic gardening blossoms

Excerpt below;
“Organic gardeners prize a healthy, interwoven ecosystem. They enrich the soil with compost and other organic matter instead of synthetic fertilizers. They control weeds the old-fashioned way - with mulch and elbow grease - and consider most insects good guys, not "pests" to be nuked.”
Original article

Will that vegetable garden save the Obamas money? 


Peter Grier of the Monitor’s Washington Bureau speculates that one of the goals of the much-publicized White House kitchen garden is to save the first family money on its grocery bills. If so, they’re part of a growing trend. The ranks of those growing their own veggies have increased by 20 to 30 percent over the past two years.

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