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Landscape and gargen mulch by
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Landscape Mulch

Mulch Guy is proud to provide landscape mulch in bulk so that the cost per yard is reduced. This is also a perfect product for use as a garden mulch. A  benefit to this type of mulch is it reinforces the whole environmental component of recycled product purchased in bulk. Our landscape mulch is a recycled wood product from the sawmill processing of trees.  As the log is process the bark is stripped off prior to cutting it into boards. This by-product is then converted to a landscape product. Plastic bags are not added to the waste stream since the delivery is by our trucks or picked up in your own truck or container. This is also more economical way to get  bulk wood mulch products.

What Mulch is

The English word mulch is probably derived from the German word molsch, meaning soft, beginning to decay. It no doubt referred to early gardeners' use of straw, leaves, and loose earth spread on the ground to protect the roots of newly planted trees and shrubs. This simulates the natural process that occurs in nature with leaves and needles  falling and creating a protective layer on the soil.

Double ground mulch

Being a lumber by-product sold in bulk creates a  usable product from a waste product of the lumber industry that is converted for landscape mulching. This frees up landfill space and helps to control the cost of lumber. Double grinding mulch is done to provide a consistant product free of large pieces. This also creates a uniform texture and look. Environmentally this material breaks down over time and does not have to be eventually removed such as plastic films would have to be. This breaking down enhances the soil and also prevents weed growth by blocking light for the seed to germinate and tying up some of the nutrients at the surface for the new weed seedlings to grow with. For a particularly good garden mulch that will also  improve the topsoil below the mulch take a look at our eco-mulch so you can avoid black plastic mulching. 

Bulk mulch supply

Mulch guy’s landscap mulch yard is located in Guilford Connecticut in order to supply the New Haven county and Connecticut valley area. With out the need for packaging and buying in truckload quantities we find that Mulch in bulk is less expensive than the bagged product. We have a mulch calculator to figure your needs. If the amount needed for the garden is small you can pick it up or we will deliver.

We will accommodate any size container if picked up at our landscape materials yard. Some facilities are geared towards one type of customer and they specialize in that. Here with mulch guy we want to treat everyone well.  This is what helps us grow our landscape mulch business one satisfied customer at a time. For you garden and landscape mulch needs please call for information the mulch guy at 860-303-0500


News Flash

Rooted in royalty, organic gardening blossoms

Excerpt below;
“Organic gardeners prize a healthy, interwoven ecosystem. They enrich the soil with compost and other organic matter instead of synthetic fertilizers. They control weeds the old-fashioned way - with mulch and elbow grease - and consider most insects good guys, not "pests" to be nuked.”
Original article

Will that vegetable garden save the Obamas money? 


Peter Grier of the Monitor’s Washington Bureau speculates that one of the goals of the much-publicized White House kitchen garden is to save the first family money on its grocery bills. If so, they’re part of a growing trend. The ranks of those growing their own veggies have increased by 20 to 30 percent over the past two years.

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